Sushi Bowls with Asian Slaw

Love sushi? Try this!

A quick and easy mood-boosting meal that tastes absolutely delicious.


  • Large handful of slaw – homemade or pre-made if you are in a rush
  • ¾ cup cooked brown rice (use pre-cooked if you are short on time)
  • ½ cup of edamame beans defrosted (you will find these in the frozen section next to the peas and corn)
  • 125g of sliced salmon or pre-cooked chicken, or a can of tuna mixed with a small dollop of mayo

Optional extras:

¼ avocado if in season

Sheet of seaweed chopped into slices


Some extra nutrition tips:


This is a colourful mix of seasonal veggies which you can adapt to suit you! We know that enjoying a variety of veggies is helpful to keep those gut bacteria of yours happy which can only be good news.  A healthy gut can support your immune system and help to balance your mood, plus the health of your gut has been shown to have an impact on your weight too.

Recipe for the slaw mix here or as mentioned above, you can use pre-bagged slaw if you are short on time.


It is suggested that we aim to get at least 430mg/day of long chain omega 3 fatty acids as women (3g/week) and for guys, it is 610mg/day (4.2g/week). A 125g serving of NZ King salmon (raw weight) has approx 1725mg (1.7g) of long chain omega 3. We bought 860g for $30.20 so that is $4.40 per 125g serve.

Omega 3 fatty acids are known as 'essential' because your body can't make them itself so you need to have them in your food. Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory and helps to support heart health as well as keeping your eyes and brain healthy.

We ALWAYS make sure we support local and buy NZ salmon, imported salmon can vary with its omega 3 content. You will increasingly see imported salmon coming into the shops so it is really important to check the label to see what you are buying.

When salmon is on special why not buy it and freeze it into single serve portions.  Easy to pull out for the kids when in need of a super quick meal and make it into sushi bowls like this, or steam it and stir through pasta, it works nicely through Claire's quick mac n cheese which you can find here.


We use brown rice as often as we can, it still has the bran layer on the outside which means it is higher in fibre, B vitamins and minerals compared to white rice. On average, brown rice has 4 times more fibre than white rice (3.6g in 1 cup v's 0.9g in white). We are aiming for 28g fibre/day as women, 38g as guys and in NZ at the moment, on average, we are only getting around 20g/day.





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