I am a Brazilian Dietitian with over 20 years' experience here to help you reach your goals and feel much better!  What you eat has such a huge impact on your emotional, social and physical wellbeing and helping people to have a healthy relationship with food is a passion of mine.  I can help you with everything from emotional and dysfunctional eating, to managing health issues like diabetes, cholesterol, PCOS, food intolerances and gut health problems.  We will work together to find a solution that works for you! 

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I can help with Weight Management, Intuitive & Mindful Eating, Emotional Eating & Eating Disorders, Sports Nutrition, Children's/Family Nutrition, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Women & Men's Health, Pre Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, Menopause, Thrush, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Food intolerance & allergy, Coeliac Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBD (Crohn's or UC), Arthritis, Gout, Autoimmune related issues, Cancer

I help you create a healthy relationship with food so you can get the best out of life and manage health conditions so that you feel your best.  There's not a one size fits all approach when it comes to getting your nutrition on track and I fully understand that life is full of challenges so it's my job to help you manage them!

My clinic is located in the Stuff Building, Level 9, 4 Williamson Avenue, Ponsonby, Auckland. I see clients on Wednesday's face to face as well as by phone and Skype.  Bookings are essential so please contact our team to see me.

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 BSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Sports Nutrition

As a Registered Dietitian in Brazil I have more than 20 years experience helping people from South and North America, Europe and Australasia.

"I was 20kg's overweight and decided to change my diet and lifestyle.  I didn't think it would change much by having professional advice, because I tried all the diets for so many years that would give me momentary results.  Besides being an excellent professional, Erika is a great partner in this long term journey this is food reeducation.  To have someone that encourages you in a fun way by not cutting out everything that you love eating, but adapting them to your daily life was really essential."  Mariana

"As a doctor I have a very busy life, often I would have to work day and night shifts that affected my eating habits.  I know that good eating habits is the base line for a healthy life.  With Erika's food and health monitoring I achieved my goals in a very healthy way and nowadays I use all this learning to help my patients" Dr Caio Uemura  

"Erika was very diligent, persistent, encouraging, and knowledgeable.  She was very kind but also stern and assertive when I needed her to be.  She helped me become better with my eating habits and ultimately lose weight.  I would recommend Erika to anybody looking for a Dietitian/Nutritionist, and especially, to those like me who tried everything and who have been up and down with their weight their whole like." Jeremy

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