NZ Registered Nutritionist

I am a NZ Registered Nutritionist, passionate about helping people find the healthiest version of the diet they enjoy and can stick to for their long term health and wellbeing.

I help my clients reach their goals through a balanced and realistic approach to nutrition, guiding them to eat with both health and pleasure in mind for long-lasting change and maximum enjoyment along the way.

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I can help with a variety of concerns including Weight Management, Arthritis/Gout, Boosting Immunity, Cholesterol/Blood Pressure, Emotional Eating, Intuitive/Mindful Eating, Binge Eating Behaviors, Gut Health, Menopause, PCOS, Pre Diabetes/Type 2 Diabetes, Recreational Sports Nutrition and Vegetarian/Plant Based Diets. 

Available to see clients in clinic or via Telehealth (video/phone)

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 


I start by understanding my clients’ goals and what’s really important to them, as well as their current lifestyle, habits and preferences. Then, we work together to identify simple changes they can make to get them closer to their goals, in a way they can sustain for the long run.

I’m a big believer that it’s more than just knowing which foods to eat; I also guide my clients to consider other factors that influence how they eat. For example - habits and routines, sleep, stress, mindset, beliefs about food, goal setting and motivation, and dealing with obstacles and challenges.

I am a Registered Nutritionist with experience working as a clinical dietitian, and in nutrition roles across foodservice, food industry and private practice.

When it comes to nutrition, I'm open-minded and non-judgmental. I think that food is about far more than just fuel for our physical health. It helps us connect with others, supporting our emotional and social wellbeing, and is something to be savoured and enjoyed. No foods are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – it’s just about finding the right balance for our overall wellbeing.

As for me, I'm happiest when I'm in the gym and getting outdoors on a hike or on my mountain bike. I love a bit of cheese and a glass of wine – in moderation of course.


My clinic is based at Active+ Papakura – Counties Medical, 6-18 O'Shannessey St, Papakura, Auckland 2110

I see clients on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I can offer face-to-face consults, as well as phone and video consults.

Bookings are essential.

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