Registered dietitian

Sara is passionate about women's health and wellness, and believes that nutrition has a big impact on our physical as well as mental wellbeing.  Sara offers practical, realistic advice based on up to date nutrition evidence.




I can help with PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, weight loss for fertility, pregnancy & breastfeeding, family nutrition, food intolerance's, allergies, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, picky eating in children.

My goal is to empower my clients to make lifestyle changes that improve not only their health in the physical sense, but also their wellbeing and happiness!  Every individual is unique, and so no two nutrition plans should be the same.  My role is to help clients navigate through the "storm" of nutrition information that is available now days, and help them find their way of eating what is right for them.

My clinic is based on Mayfield Avenue in Christchurch on a Wednesday afternoon.  I see clients by phone and Skype as well as face to face.  Bookings are essential so please contact our team to see me.

BSc Science in Human Nutrition, Master of Dietetics, Current APC, Dietitian Board (endorsed subscriber)

I am a registered Dietitian specialising in Women's and Children's health.  I love working with women and their families, and empowering them to make changes for their health and happiness.

In spare time I love exploring local cafes for the best flat whites in town, training for running events around the country and spending time in the kitchen creating recipes.

'I have been worried about talking to someone about my weight loss, but Sara spoke to me kindly and considerately, putting my worries at ease.  I found myself smiling after our consult and I look forward to implementing everything she has suggested' Bev

'I found Sara very supportive and encouraging' Anna

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