5 tips to help you manage your drinking!

For many people, regularly drinking alcohol is just a habit. 

Here are 5 tips to reduce the strength of the habit and drink less if that is your goal.

  1. Make it HARDER to access alcohol in your house. If gin is your thing, put it in a very high cupboard to make it more awkward to access. Wine and beer keep it out the kitchen. Putting a physical barrier between you and alcohol means you have more time to consciously decide whether you REALLY want a drink or not, or identify, if this is just a habit.

  2. Make it less appealing to drink. Warm beer, tonic or sauvignon blanc? No thanks. Keep cold drinks OUT the fridge until you plan to consciously drink them, maybe at the weekend.

  3. Make it easier to access healthier options. Kombucha, sparking water, herbal teas or some of the many new non-alcoholic drinks on the market are good to have close and easy to reach!

  4. Look at how you manage stress – so often we can get in the habit of drinking to wind down or de stress after a long day. Find an alternative strategy that doesn’t involve eating or drinking. Have a shower, walk round the block or maybe turn on some music!

  5. Aim to have at least 4 alcohol free days a week, if you make it the same days each week, it is easier to make this a habit. If you live with someone else, it is always easier when they are on board too!



Published By

Claire Turnbull



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