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Physical and mental performance demand good nutrition, quality sleep and being able to manage the day-to-day stresses of everyday life in our busy world.

We offer a range of inspiring and motivating workplace wellbeing workshops, webinars and employee wellness programmes throughout New Zealand to encourage your staff to take ownership of their health, boost their productivity and minimise sick days. The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research shows that investing in staff wellbeing initiatives can have up to a 12:1 return on investment!

If you have insurance, you might be able to claim part of the cost back too!

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How we can help your business

Get your staff performing at their best! We offer entertaining and interactive workshops to motivate and educate your employees around eating well and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. All workshop content is created by leading nutritionist Claire Turnbull.

We have presenters in Auckland, Tauranga, and Christchurch and can offer sessions anywhere in the country virtually.

Download our workplace wellbeing information pack below for more details. 

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Our expert Dietitians and Nutritionists can provide individualised consultations to your staff via phone/video.

These 50 minute sessions allow us to assess, create goals and put together a personalised action plan to improve the health and wellbeing of each employee.


“Our people absolutely loved their consults! We have really enjoyed working with you, thank you for being so helpful and flexible throughout.”

Lakshmi, Ernst and Young, Oceania Wellbeing Senior Consultant


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Our team of qualified experts have combined their skills in nutrition and psychology to develop an easy-to-follow 6 week wellness programme that will empower your staff to eat better, sleep better and feel better

Kick off their wellness journey with tips, tricks, tools and insightful learning, equipping you to carry on and make “healthier choices” your new normal.


By the end of this programme your staff will:

Unlock the secret to eating well and nourishing your body without it costing a fortune or taking too much time

Discover the path to better sleep and reap the rewards of improved focus, mental clarity and more energy  

Be able to better manage stress and overwhelm

Have tools and strategies to support your mental wellbeing 

Find ways to enjoy fitness and movement that work for you and can fit into your routine  

Transform your life with simple, sustainable habits that make healthy your new normal 


Please note a minimum of 30 participants is required.


Email to find out more.

Looking to invest in employee wellbeing?   

Our findWellness 14-Week Reset Programme is developed by Claire Turnbull and her team of qualified experts combining vast experience and qualifications in nutrition and psychology. This easy-to-follow enriching programme is ideal to improve employee health and wellbeing - empowering your valuable people to eat better, sleep better and feel better.  

You may have a staff member you would like to support with general health and wellness, or specific health conditions and concerns (e.g. diabetes, weight management, immune function, or stress). This in-depth programme provides personalised 1:1 coaching, motivation, tips and much more to help make long-lasting changes. 

Results from the education and support we provide can be life-changing for your employees and invaluable for your business.   

Our Reset programme is inspiring, educational and FUN – read more below and start your staff's journey to findWellness with us.  

Your people will thank you for this!   




"I am feeling really good. I have built new habits, having vegetables at lunch now, eating vegetables first, and listening to hunger cues. I have learned to set good boundaries around work and am now coping better with stressful days. I am noticing a difference in how my clothes are fitting, and I have noticed that my taste buds have changed and am not wanting to eat higher-fat meals.  

Health is at the forefront of my mind and I'm so happy!” 


Email to find out more.


"It was a great session and really well delivered presentation. We’ll definitely keep Mission Nutrition in mind for future events."

Paul Blatchford, Innovation Manager – Core Products - Zespri International Ltd


"It was an amazing session! The team was engaged and really enjoyed answering questions and winning some prizes."

Sarah Alrufaie, Green Star Coordinator – Hawkins


"Mission Nutrition has been an invaluable partner throughout our 12-month journey. Their tailor-made face-to-face workshops for over 1000 employees as part of our national wellbeing program were a huge success. Attendees resonated with the content and gained practical health ideas for work and home. The team's adaptability and support were outstanding, ensuring relevance at every site. They also provided excellent assistance with internal promotions and ongoing employee support. Looking forward to continuing our wellbeing partnership!" 

Cheryl Hill, Group Health, Wellbeing and Injury Manager - Environ NZ


"An excellent session to motivate us to make easy changes to our diet and nutrition. I highly recommend team at Mission Nutrition." 

Soroya McGall - Norris Ward McKinnon


"Our team found Hannah to be incredibly knowledgeable! She was able to answer all of our questions and tailored the presentation beautifully to our needs. I know that we all picked up immediate strategies for increased energy, and are also able to see where we can make some more holistic healthy changes to our lifestyles. It was absolutely fantastic and we all learned a ton!"

Jen Glover, Clinical and Centre Director - Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre 


"A fabulous session this afternoon at our conference. Superb content, extremely well presented. Great interactive dialogue and some awesome takeaway points." 

Deane Pervan, Construction Manager - National Commercial


"Mission Nutrition was great to work with. We had them come in for an on-site workshop for Icon’s Greenstar & Broader outcomes staff support initiative. They did a highly interactive session on healthy eating and living for our Site Workers which delivered fantastic feedback from our Subcontractor teams. Would definitely have Mission Nutrition at our Site workshops again."

Nanetta Rathnakumar, Project Coordinator - Icon


"Was a great session today, really well received."  

Vinisha Lal, Safety and Wellness Coordinator - 2 degrees

some of the companies we work with include

"Massive thanks for your presentation. You were fantastic! It was practical, engaging and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it." Laura, Suncorp




Smart solutions to fight fatigue, eat well, and balance life in our busy world! Including the ins and outs of body rhythms, how our internal circadian clock works, and what your body needs to feel its best!


Making it easier to be healthy! The ultimate nutritional survival guide for shift workers, factory staff, drivers and construction workers! 


Refocus, recharge, and boost motivation! Re-wire habits to work for you so it is easier to eat well, sleep well, move more and feel better... make healthy changes ACTUALLY happen, and stick in your life!


Manage stress, boost your mood and keep yourself healthy! Managing what you eat, how you sleep and deal with stress, to help gain balance in this busy world!


Optimise your immune system, support your gut health, boost your mood! Practical lifestyle changes - including how to eat better, manage stress, and sleep well - to help boost your immunity!


Your workshop, your way! Providing clarity amidst confusion. This workshop is tailored to the needs of your staff - you choose three topics from a list we provide!


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