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Physical and mental performance demand good nutrition. We offer a range of inspiring and motivating workshops and support programmes to encourage your staff to take ownership of their health, boosting productivity and minimising employee sick days.

Services we offer

Get your staff performing at their best! We offer entertaining and interactive workshops to motivate and educate your staff around eating well and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

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This 10 week programme 'Eat Wise & Energise' considers all aspects of your team’s health and wellbeing from what they eat, to how they move, what they think and how they manage stress, relax and unwind. Help your staff to make changes that last a lifetime so they can do their best at work and at home. 


Mission Nutrition can come to you! We’ll spend time individually with members of your team to assess their overall health and well-being, and help them establish and achieve their own nutrition or training goals. 

Download our workplace wellness information pack with more details.


Create a healthier workplace!  Make it easy for your employees to make healthy and more nutritious decisions when it comes to eating at work.  We can help you create a healthier and ultimately more productive workplace with advice for catering, office snacks and cafeteria options.

Plans for Daycare, Kindergartens and Schools.  We offer menu design and health recipe suggestions, canteen makeovers and advice to help create a healthier environment for children of all ages.

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If you have an expo running at your workplace, our team can come to you!  We can set up an interactive stand with healthy food samples and demonstrations along with goodies for your staff to take away which will inspire and motivate them to eat well. Fees apply. Click the ENQUIRE HERE button below if you would like to know more.


"Massive thanks for your presentation, You were fantastic! It was practical, engaging and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it" Laura


Energy Injection

 Eat well, sleep well & boost your brain power! Boost productivity and get more out of your day.

Nutrition Uncovered

Myth busting at it's best.  Should I quit sugar? Is gluten free really the way to go? Do I need to snack?

Nutrition Know How

Fuel your fire and feel fantastic!  The ultimate 'how to' guide to eating better and boosting your nutrition!

Build a Healthier Life

The ultimate nutritional survival guide for shift workers, factory staff, drivers and construction workers! 


Stress Away

Discover how managing what you eat, how you sleep, your hormones and your mindset can help you best cope with stress.

Eating Well in a Busy World

Smart solutions for keeping healthy, happy and creating balance when time is short and life is full on.

Women & Men's Health

Tailored seminars to tackle the main issues facing men and women with their health and wellbeing.

Desktop Dining

Stuck for ideas for lunch? Healthy snacks? This workshop has the option of food demos, it's the perfect solution.

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