Here's what our clients are saying about their consultations with the Mission Nutrition team...


"The website made it really easy to book and choose a time that suited my schedule. Anna was warm, real, and genuine - you really can tell how passionate she is helping her clients be more kind to themselves I felt so comfortable opening up to her. Anna has provided me just in my one session so much content and has sent emails with lots of super helpful information and insights. Definitely recommend."

Susan - Waikato


"Very easy to make a booking and definitely met expectations. Amy Judd was knowledgeable, friendly, non-judgmental, and helpful. Very happy with the service!"

Sarah - Canterbury


"Last year I consulted with Pip and had such a fantastic experience, so it was easy to go back to Mission Nutrition this year when I needed help again to build on what I have already done. I went with Megan as her bio said she works with menopause and this has been a particular area I am struggling with. Megan gave me more insights into the effects certain foods have with the changes happening in my body during menopause. She has given me informative advice and some areas to work on, I look forward to our catch up."  

Heidi - Auckland


"I thought Amy Allport was wonderful. I wanted to be honest about my eating but was afraid to be judged. I didn’t feel judged at all, just helped! Very easy to make a booking and would definitely recommend."

Dianne - Wellington


"I was blown away by Stephanie's help in treating my sick bowel following surgery. I had no idea why I wasn't healing and was very unwell for months. She was amazing to talk to and is a specialist in her medical field. She prescribed supplements and special prescription to take, that would give me the best chance of healing, and most importantly not to have more extensive surgery. I hope to make a full recovery thanks to Mission Nutrition." 

Melanie – Whanganui


"I had been back and forth deciding whether to do this or not and I am glad I did. Hannah was empathetic, listened extremely well and eased my load. While it has been one session, I am most impressed with Hannah and had a huge sense of relief after talking with her. I felt heard, I felt less ashamed, I felt like she had recapped our conversation well and developed a specific plan for me. I felt connected to her and she felt very human and made me feel this way too. I appreciated her ability to relate to people and I certainly never felt judged but I did feel understood. Some of this was emotional for me, she was patient and encouraged me." 

Melissa - Otago


"Kristal was amazing and not only spoke to me about nutrition but the reason WHY I do certain things. Definitely recommend!" 

Bianca – Auckland


"Always appreciate an easy online booking process with cost up front, with working full time it is critical I can arrange life admin outside of office hours. The main purpose was to support my growing teen who's had a lot of illness this year to understand what he needs to do to keep healthy, Megan gave clear messages that he has taken onboard."

Viv, Auckland


"Pip was great. I like that she looks at the body holistically. Was good at staying on track to get as much info as she could. I feel confident she is working with the body as a whole and was pleasantly surprised at how thorough she was. She followed up on everything I said and if she didn't have an answer she got it to me soon afterwards. The booking was straight forward and done with no delay."

Lorraine - Auckland


"Amy was really supportive, non-judgmental and met my daughter were she was at. This has made a huge impact on our whole family for the better. It was very easy to make a booking. The help from the team in selecting the right person was amazing." 

Melanie - Flat Bush


"Kristal was very empathetic and gave great psychological education in the consult. She has a holistic view of the body and helped me to understand what changes can be made for an overall healthier lifestyle. She was personable and easy to build a rapport with. She was efficient with sharing notes and recommendations following the call. Thank you very much. Great to have this available through AIA." 

Hannah - North Canterbury 


"This was an incredibly valuable session for me! I got SO much helpful information, and recommendations, I'm really glad I did this! Highly recommend Amy Allport, especially if you have specific questions/areas you want to talk about." 

Kieran - Porirua


"Hannah is super personable and answered some tricky questions with research, and actually then checked the research and emailed me to confirm the answers to my questions. It was great that it was online because I could chat to Hannah on my lunch break at work, rather than having to drive to see her after work." 

Jessamy - Auckland


"Everybody was so prompt with the communication. I found Pip super easy to talk to and very relatable. I really enjoyed my consultation. My consultation was really a game changer - Pip inspired me a lot!" 

Victoria - Manawatu


"I was feeling stuck in an unhelpful eating regime and we have talked over options and different approaches. Amy is knowledgeable and very supportive; I really valued her opinion and advice. Amy is awesome!" 

Kath - Red Beach


"Very easy! Appointment available within a few days with Anna which made me very happy! I found it quite extraordinary. So many light bulb moments within the consult for me. I left feeling empowered and actually really confident.

Jaimee - Auckland


"Kristal was fantastic and easy to talk to. She asked some great questions to understand my goals, lifestyles and areas I need to work on. Loved how she gave me general guidelines that are manageable and it is everyday food I have at home. Also feels like a holistic approach to health too. Very thankful to Kristal. Looking forward to a follow up appointment." 

Anna - Half Moon Bay


"Fast response and perfect recommendation of most suitable dietician. Very comforting, informative and absolutely tailored to my needs. Hannah is amazing!"

Anon - Auckland


"My appointment exceeded my expectations! Stephanie was a wealth of knowledge in less than an hour, some of which was contrary to what other dietitians had told me which wasn’t working. Stephanie was so easy to talk to, and direct to the pertinent problems. Getting an appointment was prompt, and I got a follow up email the night of the appointment. Hugely positive and beneficial experience all round. Thank you so much Stephanie." 

Jenny - New Plymouth


"Amy Judd was amazing and very supportive. Explained things very clearly and made me feel like I could share anything comfortably. I feel that her approach and wording is really kind and constructive."

Madison - Waikato  


"I had seen Hannah a year ago, and loved her, so directly booked on the website. I walked away feeling informed and have strategies to improve right away. Hannah understands and really helps educate, which is so helpful!!" 

Sally - Panmure


"Kristal was patient and reviewed all my lifestyle aspects and gave straight to the point advice. I was happy with the consultation and will recommend to others. It was easy to book through the AIA app and the consultation price is actually very good, well worth the money." 

Azman - Epsom


"Amy had good availability and I like the option of in person or virtual consults. Amy asked great questions to gain more insight into my situation and goals. She made me feel comfortable to confide in her about the challenges I was experiencing health-wise and how I was feeling."

Heidi - Auckland


"The booking process was very easy, I could look through the different profiles to see who met my needs. It was a very new experience, and I didn't know what to expect, but I was really happy with the outcome of the initial session and the report provided. It was great to be able to talk through my concerns and I felt really comfortable sharing this with Kristal." 

Mia - Christchurch


"Great communication to set up appointment time. Thoroughly enjoyed the consultation. Pip was so easy to talk to and and I finished feeling I had a sense of direction and motivation. Thank you." 

Shareen - Auckland


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