Apple snack slices

Looking for a new snack idea? Here you have it! simple, tasty, and...delicious :)

Simply slice an apple, spread over peanut butter or any nut butter you fancy, and sprinkle with muesli or granola. We used the homemade granola which you can find the recipe for here.

Nutrition wise

  • Super good to be enjoying your fruit whole as much as possible, for most people, 2 pieces/servings of fruit a day is about right.

  • Adding nut butter to this means you are adding protein which makes for a more filling snack as well as healthy fats which are good for your brain, heart, skin and more...

  • A sprinkle of muesli with the goodness of oats (a wholegrain) and more nuts/seeds is a great way to add more fibre and a nutrient packed form of carbs.




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Claire Turnbull



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