How to create healthy habits in your workplace

When it comes to supporting your staff to improve their health and wellbeing, sharing knowledge is only the first step. To support actual change that can last, the thing that often gets forgotten is managing the workplace ENVIRONMENT.

As humans, our automatic default when it comes to decision making is to opt for the easier choice. So, if you want to support your staff to be healthier this year, begin by making the HEALTHIER choices easier to access and less healthy choices, harder to access. Plus, remind people WHY they will feel good if they make a healthy choice.

Here’s what you can do:
- Put the fruit bowls in places that are easy to see and access.
- Any lollies, cookies or chips are best either out of the office completely, or up high, in non-transparent containers in the kitchen which are harder to mindlessly access.
- Keep decaf and herbal teas in view and easy to reach in the kitchen so they can be a default first choice for those wanting to have less caffeine.
- Put arrows to the stairs and let people know how much better they will feel if they take that choice rather than the elevator.
- Run onsite exercise classes and onsite nutrition consultations to make it EASY for people to come.

What have you tried in your workplace? We would love to hear your ideas!



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Claire Turnbull



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