Make water more interesting!

Not too keen on the taste of water? Try these ideas:

  • Check out the huge range of hot and cold brew tea bags (you can find these next to the other teas at the supermarket). They have no sugar in them and there are all sorts of flavours, from lemon and lime, to tropical, raspberry, mango and many more.

  • Add sliced fruit to your water. Lemon, lime, apple, pear or a small handful of frozen berries all work well.

  • Slice up cucumber to give water a new level of refreshment.

  • Give herbs a whirl. Crushed mint, a sprig of rosemary and basil all work well.


 Looking for other drink ideas?

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  • Many drinks are high in sugar meaning overconsumption can increase the waistline and diabetes risk and impact dental health. Find out how much sugar is in your favourite drink here, and more here.



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Claire Turnbull



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