Multivitamins - are they worth taking?

Check out my interview below on TVNZ Breakfast talking about multivitamins and supplements. A U.S study of 400,000 adults has found those taking multivitamins are no less likely to die from any cause than those who don't... we talk about whether there are any benefits and for who!



Mental health and supplements

As a side note, as time is short in these interviews, I didn’t get to mention the impact on mental health where there are some good NZ studies indicating that those with a poor nutrition intake can also benefit from supplementation, Julia Rucklidge - Mental Health & Nutrition Research: Te Puna Toiora has done amazing work in this space.

There has been a growing body of literature documenting the benefits of broad-spectrum micronutrients for the treatment of psychological symptoms, such as aggression, stress, and low mood as well as psychiatric challenges, such as ADHD, autism, and antenatal depression. While a change of diet should always be included as the first step, for some this may not be possible and for others, change of diet will not be sufficient. For more information on this research, The Better Brain is a great go to for a summary.


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