Power up your porridge!

½ cup serve has approx:

  • 6g of protein which is the same as an egg

  • 5g of fibre which is AMAZING! Ladies we need 28g a day and guys 38g for you

Yes it is a carb rich food, but a damn good one, and carbs like this are not to be feared but embraced! They release energy slowly and are a fuel that your gut bacteria LOVE. We really need to keep those gut bugs healthy given they have an impact on your mood as well as a million other functions.

Here’s how to power up your porridge!

Boost the overall protein by:

  • Making with milk and adding a couple of tablespoons of milk powder

  • Adding a dollop of peanut butter on top

  • Sprinkling with nuts/seeds

Add natural sweetness:

  • Cook with frozen berries or sprinkle some on top

  • Add a tbsp of dried fruit like sultanas or chopped dried apricots

  • Add grated or stewed apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drop vanilla extract

Can’t eat oats? No worries! Brown rice porridge is a great alternative for a delicious warming start to the day, also pack with nutrients to keep your body feeling great!



Published By

Claire Turnbull



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