Quick Meal Idea - Easy eggs and greens

Eggs + greens on toasted seedy bread with avo and herbs - perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

Serve one person or many... 

🍳 1. Cook eggs to your liking - boiled, poached, scrambled or fried in a dash of olive oil 

🥬 2. Pile leafy greens - rocket, spinach or kale - on to your toasted wholegrain seedy bread 

🥑 3. Serve with avocado, fresh herbs, chilli flakes if you like, and season with pepper and a pinch of salt 



- Try swapping eggs for tofu 

- If you're feeding multiple people scrambled eggs work well 

- Taking lunch to work? Prep ahead and boil eggs or cook them in a microwave 

😋 Happy cooking! 




Published By

Claire Turnbull



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