Salad Dressings

Love your mayo? Can't go past aioli? Get confused about what to buy when you are shopping?

Check out Claire Turnbull's interview on TVNZ Breakfast with some shocking truths about salad dressings and some smart solutions!

As time is always short, here are a few extra tips:

1)  Fat is GOOD on salads – it helps absorb some of the nutrients from the salad veggies including carotenoids which have been associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and some kinds of salads, but as fat is high in calories per gram (fat = 9kcal/g verses protein and carb which are 4kcal/g in their pure form), it’s not that all fat is bad at ALL (go the unsaturated fat and omega 3) but it is energy dense so portion size needs to be considered.  Here at Mission Nutrition we don’t ever say that any food is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – it is all about context and quantity.

2)  Dilute mayo down with unsweetened yoghurt or use 50:50 with sour cream in a potato salad.

3)  Make your own balsamic dressing and keep it in the fridge – ¼ olive oil, ¾ balsamic as a ratio in a jar with a tbsp of honey and tbsp wholegrain mustard.

4)  Try and use avocado in salads rather than a lot of dressings when they are affordable.

5)  For more on dressings and how to choose, check these out:

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