Vegetarian? Vegan? Keen to eat a more plant-based diet?

Then check out Claire Turnbull's interview on Breakfast all about how to get a healthy balance!

Claire was actually brought up vegetarian and it's funny looking at how much has changed in the supermarkets since then when she lived on nut roast and lentil bake for 14 years!
As always, these interviews are so short, it's impossible to get all your points across so here's some more info if you are interested in reading more and how to get the nutrients you need.

At Mission Nutrition we work with people who are vegetarian and vegan everyday to help them get a healthy balance - so if you are ever in need of personalised nutrition advice on this, or anything else nutrition related, our team can help! If you have insurance you might be able to claim back part of the cost too!




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Claire Turnbull



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