NZ Registered Dietitian

The best part of my job is seeing my clients reach their goals. Whether it’s weight loss, changing relationships to food, getting pregnant or walking through menopause well, I love to use my skills in nutrition to help bring clarity, a clear plan and confidence to all my clients.





It’s not that you don’t always know what to do; often it’s the ‘how’ that proves tricky. I take an empathetic and practical approach to supporting my clients, coaching them towards reaching their goals.

BSc, MHSc Nutrition & Dietetics, Certified Fertility and Pregnancy Dietitian

I am a NZ Registered Dietitian who has studied nutrition in both the USA and NZ. I love to work with people from all ages and stages - helping cut through the confusion of what you need to be eating to be your best self. I am particularly passionate about supporting women who are thinking of having a baby, to ensure that the next generation has the best start in life. Having struggled to get pregnant myself, I work with women (and men!) to increase their fertility through food and lifestyle.

"Interaction with Hannah was awesome! She had effective communication skills and was very informative with her wealth of knowledge. She presented herself well, down to earth and honest. Took the time to answer all our questions despite the short time frame. Loved her sense of humour! "


"Had a fabulous session this afternoon at our conference with Hannah, superb content, extremely well presented.  Great interactive dialogue, she's a very competent person, some awesome takeaways (info)."


"Our team found Hannah to be incredibly knowledgeable!  She was able to answer all of our questions and tailored the presentation beautifully to our needs.  I know that we all picked up immediate strategies for increased energy, and are also able to see where we can make some more holistic healthy changes to our lifestyles."


"Hannah, thank you so much for a fantastic vibrant and informative session; you were amazing! I could listen to you all day 😊. We’ve had lots of texts thanking us and saying they really enjoyed you as a presenter."


"The session today was fantastic.  Hannah had a lot of good insights and simple practical tips. Thank you so much."

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