Jess is passionate about helping you to achieve your nutrition related goals no matter what they are. She sees a huge range of clients with varying health issues from weight loss and emotional eating to gut health and sports nutrition. Jess is the perfect person to support you step-by-step to better health and happiness.







I can help with a wide range of different health issues, including weight/fat loss & weight gain, manage emotional eating, gut health issues/IBS, diabetes and cholesterol, sports nutrition and women’s health issues.

I am committed to providing strategies that last a lifetime. To do this, I always consider my client’s lifestyle, budget, medical history and health goals, so that I can provide realistic solutions that are easily achievable – and, most importantly, ones they can stick to.

Alongside my nutrition practice, I play professional netball for the Canterbury Tactix and the Silver Ferns. I run my clinic around my netball commitments so I see clients Tuesdays and/or Thursdays 12-6pm at 545 Manchester Street, Christchurch or on the phone/Skype.  Bookings are essential so please contact our team here to book.

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BSc Human Nutrition, Master of Dietetics, NZ Registered Dietitian, Sport Nutritionist

As a professional netball player, I understand the challenges that come with juggling a busy lifestyle and the demands of high performance. I have first-hand knowledge of nutrition for sports performance, reaching body composition goals, boosting energy and eating for recovery, and can help you achieve great results for your training too.

In my spare time, I love spending time with friends and family, doing a bit of DIY around the house and going out for a delicious meal.

I can't wait to work with you!

'Jess is an absolute rockstar! She has completely changed my view of myself and my relationship with food. I can now enjoy a few pieces of Dream chocolate without scoffing the whole block and feeling awful afterwards. She has taught me true balance and I can't thank her enough'  Sarah

"Jess exceeded my expectations, I feel she gave me excellent advice with the knowledge to back it up." Tessa

"We felt the session was very non-judgemental and very helpful.  The recommendations and recipes were well-suited to our needs and very achievable." Claire

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