5 tips for eating well when busy

As a new mum who has just started back at work, I now have a new appreciation for time as I find myself with less and less of it to plan interesting, healthy meals and exercise! I definitely haven't got it all figured out yet, but I have found a few things that have been helping me to eat as best as I can and keep my energy levels up. 


Here are my 5 tips for eating well when you’re busy...


1. Cook double and freeze half

A few nights a week try making double the amount of dinner and freeze half of it to have the following week. This means that you are saving yourself having to cook one night in the future. If you do this even 1 - 2 times a week you will get a good store of meals for those evenings when you don't feel like cooking. 

For awesome nutritionist approved healthy recipe ideas, check out Healthy Food Guide website.


2. Set one goal at a time

If you decide you want to make a change to the way that you eat but a total overhaul seems like too much at the moment, try making one change at a time. 

For me, after a few weeks of eating whatever, whenever I could post baby, I wanted to start eating healthier again. Going right back to preparing every meal with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and variety felt like a big leap, so instead I just focused on making sure that I had a good breakfast every day. 

I premixed oats, mixed nuts and chia seeds and every day I would have ½ cup of that with unsweetened yoghurt and a handful of frozen berries. Your goal will be different but the idea is to start from wherever you are at, with one thing at a time and you will be eating healthier and healthier every week.  

Check out this energy boosting breakfast idea, Nutty Apple Crumble.


3. Outsource 

You don't need to do it all yourself, try online shopping, click and collect or a meal delivery service such as 'My Food Bag' if finances allow. You can do these for 3 - 5 nights a week and choose from a few different price points and food options. This frees up your time to do something else that can improve your well-being, whether that is some exercise, time with your family or even just a moment to yourself.  


4. Make sure you have left overs

The only way I found to consistently have a good lunch is if I have leftovers from the night before. You already need to cook dinner, so why not make a bit extra so that you can have it the next day as well. This takes no extra time, just an investment in some reusable containers.


5. Stock up on the staples 

I have 5 staples that I eat/do every day and that way I know, even if all my other meals don’t go to plan, that I am doing something good for my body:

    • 2 Brazil nuts to get in my daily selenium dose. Here’s what you need it for and alternatives if you’re not into nuts. www.healthyfood.com/healthy-shopping/shopping-for-more-selenium. 
    • 3x 750ml bottles of water (I also personally take Omega 3 supplements with my water in the morning as I currently don’t always have a serving of fish every week – that is a goal I am working on!)
    • 20 minutes of exercise (for me this is just around the block – I can’t always fit in a long run or gym session these days but I always have time for a 20-minute walk around the block)
    • 1 carrot + hummus for morning tea 
    • 2 handfuls of vegetables at dinner (I keep frozen spinach and mixed veggies in my freezer all the time for times when I don't plan dinner till the last minute).


Give these simple changes a try, and if you need more help with your nutrition and getting on track, then book to see one of our team.



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