Alcohol-free drink ideas

I love a good glass of bubbles or a chilled glass of vino as much as anyone else over the festive season, but to ensure I look and feel good I always have plenty of alcohol-free options, give some of these a try!


  • Cranberry juice - diluted with soda water or sparking water - one-third juice to two-thirds water is a good combo. Add some sliced citrus or fresh berries and ice for a mocktail.

  • Chilled iced teas – there are lots of hot and cold brew tea bags available at the supermarket these days which make excellent chilled iced teas. Add 1 tea bag per 1 cup of boiling water, allow to brew then remove the bag and chill in the fridge. Serve with ice and sliced fruit.

  • Kombucha – you can make your own or buy pre-made ones. Be sure to look for options that are chilled when you buy them, the ones that are room temperature and have a long shelf life aren’t as good!

  • Coconut water - added to smoothies or just on it’s own.

  • Mojo-hito (yes, that is a name I made up!) – lime juice, crushed mint leaves and soda water or diet lemonade.

  • Spicy tomato juice – this is probably my favourite! Lots of ice, tomato juice, black pepper and Tabasco sauce – so good!

  • Non-alcoholic wine – I came across this marvellous stuff when I was pregnant! Far lower in kilojoules/calories than regular wine, that’s for sure. There are also great no alcohol beers, ciders and spirits now too!

  • Still or sparkling water with sliced cucumber and/or fresh mint leaves, read how to make water more interesting here. 


There are some lovely pre-made non-alcoholic options on the market too! The main thing to consider is how much sugar is in them. It is recommended that we have less than 26g of ‘free sugars’ a day in total, that is in all of our food and drinks combined, so it is good to check what you are buying. You will be shocked when you find out how much sugar is hiding in things like tonic water, ginger beer and lemon, lime and bitters!


Some options I enjoy include:

  • Symbiota water kefir

  • Pals Zero Alcohol

  • Curious AF

  • Almighty sparking waters

  • Vista sparkling waters

  • Finery

  • Vital Zing fruit drops



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Claire Turnbull



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