Quick Meal Idea - BBQ chicken + veggies

Beautiful summer veggies and herbs with hummus is a delicious combo! 

🍗 1. Lightly brush chicken breast, courgette, and capsicum with olive oil 
🫑 2. Grill chicken breast, courgette, and capsicum on the barbecue or using a grill pan 
🍅 3. Serve chicken and veggies with spinach, fresh tomatoes and basil, a dollop of hummus, and season lightly with salt and pepper 
- Use frozen veggies such as green beans, or peas and corn, if short on time 
- Boost/swap veggies - corn and eggplant go well on the barbecue too, and avocado is a quick and easy addition 
- Swap the chicken for beef, lamb, fish or tofu as other protein options 




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Claire Turnbull



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