Quick Meal Idea - Greek-style salad with fish

A super-quick salad that keeps well in the fridge. Serve with protein of your choice such as fresh fish or canned fish to save on time. 

🔪 1. Roughly chop chunky pieces of cucumber, tomato, capsicum, red onion and toss with feta, olives, mint and a drizzle of olive oil 
🐟 2. Pan-fry, oven-bake, or bbq fresh fillets or your protein of choice, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper 
🥗 3. Serve salad with protein and toasted pita pockets on the side 
- Boost/swap veggies - capsicums of all colours would be great here and you could add greens such as baby spinach 
- Swap the pita pockets for quinoa, rice or potatoes (or just extra salad for a lower carb option) 
Fresh, vibrant and tasty! 



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Claire Turnbull



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