Struggling to focus? Tired? Lacking motivation?

Check out Claire Turnbull's interview on Breakfast with ideas to help, plus some top tricks to help you get healthier habits back on track!


Here's a few extra tips for you on these topics:


Too much data going in and not enough time/space for you to process it all is a pretty sure fire way to feel overwhelmed. Try not listening to the radio in the car, allow space to think your own thoughts. If you are in a lift or at the bus stop or waiting in line for a coffee leave your phone in your pocket. Just be where you can be tricky at first but it is so good for you.


The suggested limit is 400mg a day. The amount of caffeine in tea/coffee varies greatly depending on the blend, the brew, and the process! But roughly, on average...

  • Single espresso - 145mg
  • 1tsp instant coffee - 80mg
  • Tea - 50mg/cup
  • Energy drinks vary but a 250ml can of V for example is 80mg - the big cans, far more.

Too much caffeine can increase anxiety, this is very important to remember for kids/teenagers who might be having caffeinated drinks. It’s suggested to limit to less than 3mg/kg, so for a 40kg child that’s less than 120mg.

Enter the problem with energy drinks! Not to mention the sugar and that caffeine interferes with sleep.
If you have a caffeinated drink at 7am, 1/4 of the caffeine will still be in your system at 7pm. It doesn’t stop you going to sleep necessarily, but can interfere with the QUALITY of your sleep and means you wake up not feeling rested and in need of more caffeine. It is easy to see how this creates a vicious cycle.


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