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Clothes got a bit tighter over lockdown? Check out Claire Turnbull's TVNZ Breakfast interview with tips to get back to healthier habits.

As these interviews are so short, here are a few extra notes from Claire to help further:

  • Look at WHY you are eating when you do? Real hunger? Habit? Or is it in response to an emotion? This is what I covered a lot in both my books  Feel Good for Life and Lose Weight for Life.  As you may know I have had my own challenges with food in the past so I’m VERY passionate about supporting others to have a healthy relationship with food and understanding their eating behaviours rather than go on ‘diets’ or rely on scales and rules.
  • If you are nibbling/picking/eating more than you need or want to, put physical distance between you and the temptations! Many of our decisions around eating are put nibbly foods out of reach.
  • Alcohol is certainly one of the easiest ways to unwind and can provide temporary stress relief, but it does come at the cost of compromising sleep quality, having a negative impact on your mood the next day and of course, as I mentioned above in the video, a couple of drinks equals the same as 3-4 slices of bread in calorie terms!! More on that here. Drinking is EASY to become a habit, so you need to really look at the WHY behind your drinking? Stress relief? A drive to feel different when you see friends on Zoom catch ups or whilst in your bubble? Distraction from any negatives going on in your life? It’s a great idea to aim to be alcohol free during the week, limit your drinking and find alternatives but you still need to find something else that helps you FEEL the same as alcohol? What, other than drinking, makes you feel relaxed? Connected? Or whatever it is you’re trying to feel!
  • Need help creating healthy routines? Check out my  planner which I specifically designed to help you create healthy habits.

Side note - talking about ‘weight’ and calories is not a thing I really do these days as there are FAR more important things to focus on than a number on the scales or living counting calories when it comes to being healthy and eating well, but on this occasion I was specifically asked to go down this route.



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