Stay healthy in isolation

Watch Claire Turnbull's recent TVNZ Breakfast interview to get some tips to help at this challenging time!

And here are a few more that she didn't get time to elaborate on:

  1. Try to stick to some kind of routine - get up at the same time, go to sleep at the same time – it will help you sleep better. Find time to be active, if possible at the same time every day as that makes it more likely to happen. I am aiming to do a workout with my boys around 9.30am (I am working 5-9am then tag teaming in the day and catching up on work all weekend). Good sleep will keep you well. Not only does quality sleep help you feel better and improve your mood, it is important for a healthy immune system too. Make sure your room is dark and cool. If you are struggling to sleep because you have a lot on your mind try one of the apps like CALM to help you unwind or write things down so they aren’t going round in your head.

  2. Avoid eating/drinking to ‘fill time’ as a distraction or if you are feeling stressed. Even being mindful that this might happen is a good first step to stop it from happening! Try and work out of the kitchen if at all possible – it makes it too easy to pick at food . If you are bored/stressed – ask am I hungry? What else can you do instead? Call someone? Snacking mindlessly is likely to become an issue for adults and kids, so try and keep to some kind of routine and only eat when you are hungry. Keep the biscuits out of reach and when they run out, maybe don’t buy more? Alcohol - we will all be needing a stiff drink right now and it is an easy coping strategy for stress but it is a depressant so keep it to the odd drink and try to keep Monday to Thursday alcohol free.

  3. Get outside EVERYDAY.  Aim for a minimum of 20mins outside where your eyes are exposed to light, this helps regulate the hormones that control your mood and sleep and tell your body not to go into hibernation and also, helps stop you getting down and feeling blue…. VERY important at a time like this! You also need to expose your skin to natural light to help your body make Vitamin D which is essential for a healthy immune system.



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