Want to eat well and save money?

Then pick up these 5 foods next time you shop!


OATS: At only 20c per ½ cup, oats are a super versatile ingredient to stock up on!

In ½ cup, not only do you get 6g of protein, but also 5g of fibre which gives you a great headstart towards the 28g of fibre you need per day ladies and the 38g you need gents.  Try them in these delicious oaty pancakes.

But oats aren’t just for breakfast either. Why not try my nutrition boost muffins or these oat and raspberry ones?  This tasty savoury oat loaf is a winner, or homemade muesli bars or nutty apple crumble?


MUSSELS: It only costs around $2 for 150g of mussels which works out around 10, that’s good value for the nutrition boost you get.  As well as being packed with more protein than 3 eggs, this will tick the box for your daily dose of both selenium, iodine and omega 3!

Want to know how to prep, store and cook mussels? Click here.    If you fancy trying them for dinner tonight, these corn and mussel fritters are quick and easy.  Instead of sausages on your BBQ these baked mussels are delicious and great value.  Click here for some more great recipe ideas.


PULSES: Beans, chickpeas and lentils – some of the most amazing nutrition packed foods that are super affordable and mega versatile. ¼ cup of red lentils is just 30c and ½ a can of chickpeas is around 60c or less. How good is that?!

Pulses are low GI, they are a fantastic way to get fibre and also a good way to add protein to a meal. You can also use them to make literally hundreds of different recipes from dips  (try a pea and mint one or a spicy carrot and chickpea), soups and casseroles to curries, burgers and even chocolate brownies!


FROZEN PEAS: This addition is probably because I am British and was brought up on peas… but this freezer staple is so good for you! You can eat them frozen, add them to almost any dish, mash them, smash them, make them into fritters…the list goes on!

​1 cup of peas not only has the goodness of most other veggies with fibre and an array of vitamins and minerals, but it also has a whopping 8.4g of protein and will only cost you around 50c, maybe less if the peas are on ‘special’.  With the colder weather approaching how about a hearty one pot chinese chicken family meal or a really quick pea soup?

​Yes, it is not the same high ‘quality’ protein that you find in animal products but including protein from a variety of sources including meat, fish, seafood, pulses, eggs and veggies is a great way to get a wide range of nutrients and help you feel fuller for longer with the satiety boosting effect of protein. Plus, if you don’t eat a lot of animal products, it is good to know that it’s not just tofu you have to choose to top up your protein!  This veg-packed chilli makes a delicious dinner or whip up these pea and corn fritters for your kids.


EGGS: 2 eggs cost between: $1 and $1.50 depending on which ones you buy.

​An egg has around 6g of high-quality protein as well as Vitamins A, B12, D, E, iron, selenium, choline and more! They are super versatile, and the research now suggests that there is no need for the average person to limit the number of eggs they have per week. Only those with an increased risk of heart disease are advised to limit them to 6/week (Heart Foundation).

​From eggs on toast to omelettes, fritters, frittatas and more… there are many meals that can be made in a flash with eggs!  If you're a fan of the gluten free cauliflower pizza base then you'll love this cauli and carrot version. Try these very addictive egg rolls instead of a boring cheese sarnie for lunch!  These tasty little veggie bites make a great snack or light lunch too, and my veggie layer bake is a very filling and nutritious meat-free dinner option.



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